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Turn Key Lighting Solutions

Lighting Energy Audits & Analysis

What we endeavor to do in our audit and report is to produce factual information which will assist the client to make an informed decision on whether to proceed with a Green Footprint friendly exercise in retrofitting all of your globes with energy and cost saving replacements and any other energy cost saving exercises.

The numbers produced cannot be manipulated. We take the cost of electricity from your electricity account, used the hours lamps are burning and taken the Wattages of the current installation and placed them in a spread sheet which uses straight forward mathematics to calculate the numbers.

Gañar Group will not only supply the suggested products at below market-related prices, but also handles the complete electrical installation and manages the entire project from start to finish!

Gañar Group Energy covering:

Lighting grid –
Air-conditioners –
Where sensors are required to save money –

A detailed energy audit report is done covering:

  • What you currently have installed
  • What we recommend you install to reduce power usage.
  • What the changeover to energy efficient lighting will cost.
  • What you will save per year, over the next 4 years.
  • What the Return on Investment will be in months.
  • What the Nett Present Value return will be.
  • What your current Carbon Tax will be and what we can reduce it to.
  • If you are overpaying on electricity and what we can do to fix this with the Municipalities.


Initially, a less-detailed report will be delivered. Should the client wish to have the fully detailed report, they would need to either pay for the report or send a signed letter of intent, acceptance of quote, or official purchase order.


We strongly recommend the installation of Smart meters prior to the installation of the lighting retrofit. These SABS approved Smart meters allow the monitoring and control of sectionalised usage. It allows billing reconciliation, accurate meter readings and the ability to compare tariffs.  This in turn allows transparency and validation of bills, tariff optimisation and therefore further savings. A separate quote would be done if an interest is shown.

Gañar meaning: “to improve in galacian” certainly is a fitting name for an organisation whose mission is expressed in one word.

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