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Full Energy Audits

Energy Audits

What we endeavor to do in our audit and report is to produce factual information which will assist the client to make an informed decision on whether to proceed with a Green Footprint friendly exercise in retrofitting all of your globes with energy and cost saving replacements and any other energy cost saving exercises.

The numbers produced cannot be manipulated. We take the cost of electricity from your electricity account, used the hours lamps are burning and taken the Wattages of the current installation and placed them in a spread sheet which uses straight forward mathematics to calculate the numbers.

Lighting Products

Our products and services are currently used by numerous private sector, para-statal and municipal installations that provide us with the basis not only to believe in our products, projects and designs, but more so in our business model and integrity that drives us at Gañar Group

We are not married to any particular technology, but use the best type of technology for each individual client’s needs. For example, we will only use LED where it fits the need, and will only use Induction where the LED will not suit the requirement.

The Project ImplementationThe client gives the order to go-ahead by way of an official purchase order.

  • The client gives the order to go-ahead by way of an official purchase order.
  • The client pays 60% deposit for the whole project. The costs in the report include installation.
  • Gañar Group then supervises and project manages the retrofit. This can take between 1-4 weeks dependent upon size.
  • Gañar Group supplies the technology. The pricing is at market related and competitive pricing due to some long standing supply agreements with manufacturers and wholesalers. In fact in many cases, the pricing is less expensive than the market place.
  • Once the project is completed and signed off, the client pays the balance.
  • History tells us we usually save up to 70% on the lighting electricity bill.
  • Where we can, we assist with Smart Metering, Power Factor correction, sensors on lights and air conditioners as well as tariff correction.
  • Gañar Group are suppliers of Heat pumps, solar geysers, PV Solar Projects and energy efficiency in air conditioning.

Gañar meaning: “to improve in galacian” certainly is a fitting name for an organisation whose mission is expressed in one word.

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